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Parche Bioshock Disponible

Iván Díez
13/11/2008 22:53


Desde hace unas horas el parche para Bioshock que soluciona problemas técnicos ya está disponible para su descarga, solo con iniciar el juego comenzara la descarga. La Lista ofrecía por los desarrolladores en Ingles:

Enables Add On Content functionality for the Challenge Rooms and New Game Plus

Add-On Content required to use this functionality

Big Daddy Bounce, Elite Bouncer, and Other Textures Appeared Pixelated

Fix for an issue where large blocky pixels would show up whenever viewing the Bouncer and Elite Bouncer variants of the Big Daddy. Also fixes various other texture pixelation including weapons.

White Bars

Fix for an issue where white/discolored bars would show up at the right and bottom sides of the screen during the plane crash / water scene at the beginning of the game.

Dark Big Daddy After Resurrection

  • Fix for an issue where Big Daddy would occasionally turn black after the player dies and is then resurrected.
  • Shrinking Fire Particles
  • Fix for an issue where some fire particles would shrink every time they were retriggered.
  • Big Daddies Gushing Abnormal Amounts of Blood
  • Fix for an issue where Big Daddies would gush abnormal amounts of blood after being killed by a critical hit while having more than 10% health (ie, from another Big Daddy's gun).
  • PS Button Crash
  • Fix for an issue where the game would crash when PS button hit during hacking when vsync turned to off
  • Rare Hang
  • Fix for a rare issue where the game would hang caused by a deadlock between the renderer, havok, and the main game threads.
  • Incorrect Water Fog Rendering
  • Fix for an issue where reflective water would sometimes be rendered with incorrect fog colors.
  • Subtitles Not Disappearing After Audio Finishes
  • Fix for an issue where audio subtitles would occasionally not go away, even after the audio finished playing.
  • Menu UI Sounds Too Loud
  • Fix for an issue where menu sounds were too loud.
  • Unlocalized Autosave Message – NA ONLY
  • Fix for an issue where the autosave message wasn't localized.
  • Some Localized Strings Were Too Long
  • Fix for several issues where localized strings were too long. This includes the 'Cannot Carry:' message, ammo name lengths, weapon name lengths, and the Location in Fisheries 'Upper Freezer'.
  • Hang After Dying While Using Combination Lock – NA ONLY
  • Fix for an issue where the game would hang if the player dies while using a combination lock with the Vita-Chamber option off.
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