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Disponible Parche 1.01 de Motorstorm Pacific Rift

Iván Díez
18/02/2009 14:57


Por sorpresa ya tenemos disponibles el primer parche de MotorStorm: Pacific Rift para Playstation 3 que arregla fallos, bugs y otros errores que se han ido desvelando en los foros de MotorStorm, tras el salto, la lista en INGLES:
  • The stability of the game has been improved (the source of many of the problems which would cause the game to ‘hang’ or ‘freeze’ have been eliminated).
  • The Saved Data file is no longer copy protected (making it possible to back up Saved Data and restore it if it should become corrupt, and allowing the file to be moved to a different PLAYSTATION 3 (providing that the User Account the Saved Data is being transferred to is the same User Account that the file was created under originally)).
  • An on-screen ‘MotorStorm Helmet’ icon is displayed whenever the game is making a critical save.
  • The glitch which enables a player to exploit the Boost system is no longer present (the Leaderboards will also be sanitised).
  • Any Time Attack times and online Rank information which have not been processed to the servers (due to a problem with the servers) will be processed systematically (as the problem has been resolved).
  • Voice chat has been fixed so that more than 4 players can talk simultaneously.
  • The volume of the official Sony PS3 bluetooth microphone has been improved.
  • In the Race Lobby screen, vehicles with light coloured liveries are more clearly visible.
  • In the Race Lobby screen, the player’s chosen vehicle is displayed alongside their PlayStation®Network Online ID.
  • When a player becomes the leader of a group, or the host of a custom game, the members of the group or Custom Game are informed as such.
  • Maximum party sizes for Ranked Matchmaking has been increased to 12.
  • During the matchmaking process, a timer is displayed to show how long it is taking to find a match.
  • The online Rank system has received a slight balancing tweak.
  • During the matchmaking process, the player’s Rank is now displayed.
  • Rank icons show a number to make a player’s Rank more instantly recognisable.
  • When selecting a vehicle in the Festival, the relevant track information is also displayed.
  • In Eliminator events, eliminated vehicles will now emit fire and smoke to make them more easily identifiable.
  • In the Festival and Free-Play modes, it is possible to pause the game before an event begins.
  • In Time Attack, it is possible to toggle the current session ghost on and off.
  • In Photo Mode, the level of detail has been improved to ensure better quality pictures.
  • In split-screen multiplayer, the Boost gauge has been visually enhanced.
  • The audio for the Monster Truck’s engine has been improved.
  • Many of the track reset points have been revised and modified appropriately.
  • If a controller becomes disconnected in a split-screen multiplayer game, the game will return to the “number of players” screen.
  • Group Invites work correctly for a player while they are viewing the Ranked Leaderboards.
  • In the Speed event “Dark Territory” on Mudslide, the track reset points have been improved.
  • In the Speed event “Go With the Flow” on Razorback, the gate timings have been refined.
  • In the Speed event “Go With the Flow” on Razorback, a collision problem has been improved.
  • In the Festival, the on-screen display no longer flashes if ‘Start’ has been pressed before the race begins.
  • In the Festival, a glitch which caused the medal requirements to remain on-screen as the event begins has been resolved.
  • In the Festival, a glitch which caused the “Final Lap!” notification to malfunction has been fixed.
  • In Time Attack, a glitch (which caused the “Paused” game-menu and on-screen display to stop working correctly) has been repaired.
  • The navigational controls function correctly in the Player Stats screen.
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